Drain Out Your One Plus 10 Pro Battery in Minutes

You must be wondering why someone will drain out his One Plus 10 Pro. But at some point, you may also try to completely drain out the One Plus 10 Pro battery for some reason. 

One Plus 10 Pro comes with a powerful battery of 5000mAh that takes just 30 minutes to charge with an 80-Watt charger fully. But you might have experienced unexpected battery loss without even using it much. Continuous gaming can also heat the phone fast, but what makes it heat. 

  If the battery is not optimized for performance from the hardware side, you’ll face these issues. This post will teach you how to fix these issues with battery-draining therapy. 

Why Do You Need to Drain Out One Plus 10 Battery?

Sometimes it is advisable to drain out the One Plus battery to maintain a healthy charging cycle and fix optimization issues within the mobile. There are different reasons for draining, and the most popular ones are – 

  1. One plus mobile hanged and not working.
  2. Fixing the heating issues.
  3. Improve the battery backup of One Plus 10 batteries. 

Benefits of Draining One Plus 10 Battery?

  1. You can improve the overall battery health.
  2. You’ll start seeing the better performance of the battery.
  3. It helps in fixing heating problems in One Plus 10 Pro.

Drain Your One Plus 10 Battery Fast

If you are willing to drain out your mobile battery and make it empty, you can perform the below steps, and within minutes, you’ll see a fast-draining battery.

Step 1: Open the Flash Light along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Step 2: Start the high battery consuming apps like WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Telegram and Tinder and let me run in the background. These apps run in the background and consume a lot of batteries. 

Step 3: Install Vibrator Strong: Vibration App from the play store and let it run. This app vibrates your mobile continuously until the battery is completely drained out.

Step 4: Make the brightness full of the One Plus and keep changing wallpaper.

Step 5: Start playing your favorite game like PubG or Call of Duty. This will help your phone to drain the battery fast

Final Words: As we have already mentioned, it is essential to drain out One Plus 10 Pro completely to fix many issues but make sure you should not do it regularly; otherwise, this may harm the battery performance, and its overall life will be degraded. 

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