How to Fix not Working Hotspot in OnePlus 10 Pro [ 2023 Guide]

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Benefits of Hotspot Feature in One Plus 10 Pro

The One Plus 10 Pro is packed with features that make it an excellent device for streaming, gaming, and multitasking. One is the Hotspot feature, which allows you to share your internet connection with other devices. This comes in handy when you want to connect multiple gadgets, such as laptops or tablets, at once without having to purchase individual data plans. Here are some of the benefits users can enjoy with this feature:

1. Connect multiple devices at once – The One Plus 10 Pro’s Hotspot feature allows up to 8 devices, making it easy to connect family members or colleagues who need access to your connection.

2. Increased productivity – With a Hotspot, you can be more productive by working on multiple devices simultaneously, as long as you have a strong signal.

3. Save money – Instead of buying separate data plans for each device, you can use your One Plus 10 Pro’s Hotspot to share a single connection and save money.

4. Keep your connection secure – With the Hotspot feature, you can set up a password to ensure that only authorized users connect to your device. You can keep your connection safe and secure from malicious attacks.

It’s no surprise that the One Plus 10 Pro’s Hotspot has become such an essential feature for many users. If you’re having trouble getting your Hotspot to work, however, you can try some simple solutions.

Fix the OnePlus 10 Pro Hotspot not working Issue

Poor Internet Connectivity:

The first step is to make sure that the feature is enabled in the settings menu of your One Plus 10 Pro. If it is already on, you should check the strength of your signal and ensure that you are within range of a robust wireless network. You may need to move your device closer to a router or access point to get the best connection.

Sometimes, your device may have trouble connecting to the internet because of a problem with the router or modem. Try resetting both and reconnecting them, as this could help fix any issues with the connection.

 Incorrect Hotspot Settings:

If the feature is already enabled, you should ensure that your settings are correct. For example, check to see if you have allowed devices to access your connection and that the password is set correctly. You may need to reset these settings before using the Hotspot again.

Software Issues:

It could be a software issue if the above solutions do not work. You should try restarting your device or performing a system update to see if this resolves the problem. If these steps do not help, you may need to contact customer support.

By troubleshooting these issues, you should get your One Plus 10 Pro’s Hotspot feature up and running again. With the benefits outlined above, it is easy to see why this feature has become so popular with users. Now that you know how to fix any issues, you can take full advantage of all the perks offered by your device!  

I am sure, you can easily fix your hotspot not working issue on your One Plus 10 Pro. If you still face issue then let us know with a comment below.



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