How to Check the Battery Health on Oneplus 10 Pro: A Comprehensive Guide

Smartphones are growing more powerful and feature-rich as technology advances. One such smartphone that has grown in popularity among tech enthusiasts is the Oneplus 10 Pro. However, the Oneplus 10 Pro’s battery life can degrade over time, just like that of any other smartphone, and it’s not uncommon to face battery drain problems in Oneplus 10 Pro.

Therefore, it’s crucial to regularly check the battery’s health to make sure your smartphone is operating at its peak. We’ll show you how to check the Oneplus 10 Pro’s battery status in this article.

Method 1: Using the Battery Health Checker Built-In

A built-in battery health monitor on the Oneplus 10 Pro can give you an idea of how well your battery is doing. Here is how to apply it:

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your Oneplus 10 Pro in step one.

Step 2: Select Battery & Performance from the list by scrolling down.

Step 3: Locate the Battery Health option under the Battery & Performance section. Touch it.

Step 4: Your battery’s current health status will be shown under the Battery Health option.

Checking the status of your battery is simple and convenient, thanks to the Oneplus 10 Pro’s built-in battery health analyzer. There are alternative ways to acquire a more exact measurement of your battery’s condition, albeit the estimate this method provides is not always reliable.

Method 2: Utilizing Third-Party Battery Health Apps 

On the Google Play Store, you can find a variety of third-party battery health apps that can provide you with a more precise assessment of the condition of your battery. Some of the most well-liked Oneplus 10 Pro battery health apps are listed below:

AccuBattery: This app is renowned for giving precise assessments of the condition of your battery. Additionally, it provides a thorough analysis of your charging and battery usage patterns.

Ampere: This app shows you the voltage, temperature, and current of your battery in real-time. Additionally, based on your usage, it provides an estimation of the battery’s health.

Battery HD: Based on your usage patterns, this app estimates your battery’s health and presents a full breakdown of your battery usage.

Method 3: Manual Battery Health Inspection

You can manually test the condition of your battery with a multimeter to obtain a more precise reading. This is how:

In the first step, turn off your Oneplus 10 Pro and remove the charger.

Step 2: Find the battery connector on the motherboard of your Oneplus 10 Pro. It typically has two or three wires and is a white connector.

Step 3: Measure the voltage between the battery connections using a multimeter. The voltage must range from 3.7V to 4.2V.

Step 4: Your battery is probably degrading, and you should think about replacing it if the voltage is below 3.7V.


Maintaining the performance of the Oneplus 10 Pro requires regularly checking the battery. The built-in battery health checker is useful, but its readings might not always be reliable. Use third-party battery health applications or a multimeter to physically verify the condition of your battery as a result. You can make sure that your Oneplus 10 Pro’s battery operates at peak efficiency and lasts a long time by using these techniques.

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